Friday, August 31, 2012

So Old. So Very, Very Old.

I did not see the Clint Eastwood remarks at the Republican National Convention last night so I am not a good judge of what he did or did not say. It was, depending on whether you are listening to my Republican Facebook friends or my Democrat Facebook friends, inspiring, cuckoo, bewildering, totally nuts, completely original, senile, a great tribute to a fine American, or just plain odd.

Boy#2 watched it, and was puzzled. One of the greatest actors and directors in all of movie-dom apparently walked out on stage and improvised a performance in front of a national audience. He winged it, Two said. (I had to correct him that, no, he RIGHT-winged it.)

Then Two made a horrifying confession.

"I'm going to be honest -- I can't recall a single Clint Eastwood movie that I've ever watched straight through," he admitted.

Oh, my gosh. Not Dirty Harry? Not Million Dollar Baby? Not Paint Your Wagon? Not The Eiger Sanction?


Nope, he said, none of those. "I guess I just don't get Clint Eastwood," he said.

I know just how he feels because I feel exactly the same way about Adam Sandler, which proves once again that I am old. Not as old as Clint Eastwood, but very, very old, and without four Oscars to wave at whippersnappers as I cackle "Make my day!" and throw them off my lawn.


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