Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Love Them All!

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Almost every day my Facebook feed orders me around.

Click here! it tells me. Like this post if you agreee! it urges.

I'm an independent sort (ha! said the sheep) so I'm mostly able to resist these social media commands. Every once in a while, though, I wonder if ignoring the posts I resist is implying something about me to my Face-friends.

There are, for example, the posts that claim its clickers have the best husbands/sons/friends/sisters/brothers ever ever in the history of of the human race.

"My sons are super special," these posts might brag. "They look every adult straight in the eye and shake hands firmly, always make good decisions, brake well before the stop sign and never tailgate, always go to church AND Sunday school, and make their beds every morning."

Or "My husband is the best mate ever. He loves to watch Cupcake Wars with me, never raises an eyebrow when I buy stuff online, and gives me foot massages every night."

All of these messages end with the same dare: Click here if you agree. So if I click there, doesn't it mean I really believe your sons are the best sons in the world, or that your husband is the best mate ever? Where does that leave Husband and the Boys? Does it imply that I'm watching Cupcake Wars alone?

I'm declaring here and now, once and for all, that I love my Husband, I love my sons, I love my sisters, I love my brothers, I love you, you love me, we're all one big family.

Just don't tell me to click.