Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My niece-in-law's delicious potato salad. None was left over.
Know what happens when all four Boys are home at the same time for a week? No leftovers.

Nothing growing mold in the refrigerator, no little containers with a dab of this or a smatter of that, all serving bowls cleaned out before they leave the table. The only leftovers are the fleeting ideas that have flown through my head during the week bracketed by the Big Event and the Great Exodus.

Topic: The Olympics. 

I heart the Olympics. My heart swells when the over-achiever wins, and breaks when the shoo-in loses. These Olympics did leave me with some questions/comments, though:
  • (after watching beach volleyball) Do women's butts really look that in real life? Seriously? Huh.
  • (while watching rhythmic gymnastics with the family) "You all be quiet! It is too a sport."
  • (after reading Ryan Lochte's post-win comments concerning peeing in the pool) "........"

Topic: The Elections

I do not so much heart the elections. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that fewer than gazillionth of one percent of the voters will change their minds on their electoral choices between now and November. That does not mean eager campaigners will STOP CALLING ME. Hrmph.

Topic: The Weather

It rained yesterday. Did you hear me? It rained! Our lawn and my tomato plants were toasty long ago, and our water bill reflects the water we've been pouring on our trees because TREES, PEOPLE!, but yesterday it rained. Today is relentlessly sunny and hot again, but I'm still smiling at the memory.

Topic: The Big Event

The destination of the wedding trip for my Dad and his new Lovely Wife changed at the last minute, after I asked Dad if the Lovely Wife had ever camped before, and he noticed my gape-jawed horror when he said she had not. I offered to make reservations for them and Boy#4 was in the room when I called the hotel. "So," he said. "Did you ever think that some day you'd be making your father's honeymoon arrangements?"  Nope, can't say that I did.

With that, I believe all the leftovers are cleaned out.

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