Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are You Tired of My 'Camping' Trip Yet?

So the exhaustive lists with which I successfully pack the trailer for a "camping" trip do not include clothes for me, because really, who knows how to pack clothes for camping? The temperatures might be 100+ degrees, which they were during our last trip, or they might in the 50s, as I always optimistically predict they might be.

Hahahahaha! Oh, optimistic me.

Anyway, shown above are the clothes I packed for our week in Colorado (minus the underwear because while I might overshare on the internet I haven't quite descended to that depth. Yet.). They include:
  • Two skirts.
  • Two polo shirts. 
  • Two pairs of capri jeans.
  • Two pairs of actual jeans.
  • Three sweatshirts.
  • Two sweatpants.
  • Five T-shirts.
  • Two "shorts" (or at least the old-lady equivalent of shorts, also known as short-ish culottes).
These are the clothes I actually wore:
  • Two skirts and two polo shirts. Because I am NOT going to wear capri pants into town because holy cow, have you SEEN me in capri pants?
  • Two pairs of capri pants. Because we were camping, and as we all know the rule of camping blindness means if you are dressed inappropriately (or undressed, in the case of changing clothes in a tent with inadequate curtains) anyone who looks your way is struck with temporary blindness that causes them to look right through you and not see you in your capri pants. You yourself are not immune from camping blindness, and it will come in handy when you are walking to the bathroom and pass the guy you just saw stumble out of his camper in what was obviously his sleeping attire. Can't see a thing!
  • One pair of jeans, because dadgummit, you are in COLORADO and it's supposed to be cold here.
  • Two T-shirts because human decency demanded you change after wearing the first one for four days.
You also will have worn this:
  • One sweatshirt and one pair of sweatpants, also known as pajamas for that single night that got kind of chilly. 
But really, it doesn't matter what you wear because you also packed this:

The 11 books and 15 DVDs don't care how you're dressed, and when you are in in the mountains with your favorite guy and this embarrassment of media riches, you don't care how you're dressed, either.

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