Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have a Day

I talked with one of the wretched Boys last night and he reported that this day had been better than the day before. "Of course, that was a pretty low bar," he added. I was fine with that report; as long as he was headed in the right direction I wasn't complaining.

This morning I began a text message of encouragement and found myself stumped over the third word.

"Have a great day!" I normally would have burbled, but that seemed excessive.

Have a fantastic day? Have a splendid day? Have an okay day?

I finally settled on "Have a bearable day!" That seemed to set the proper tone between an improvement in quality of life, and not aiming impossibly high.

It's kind of like the picture of the toadstool I took as I was watering my flowers this morning. I had intended for the picture to capture the fungus's weird Epcot vibe and the surreal fallen leaf beyond, but my photographic abilities were not up to that lofty goal. Instead, it's recognizable as a toadstool and not much more. There is no great or fantastic or splendid. It's merely bearable.

And in this case? I'm happy with that.

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