Monday, August 20, 2012

One Final Wedding Post

Does it seem to you that when something happens in my life I squeeze every single drop of bloggy-ness out of it before putting it to rest? Well, today you're going to be spitting Big Event pulp through your teeth for the final time.

When my father and his Lovely Wife were married two weeks ago they were not the only newlyweds celebrating their nuptials with a reception and dance at the Doubletree. No, the Espinoza-Zimmerman wedding was just down a hallway and past the swimming pool. Our party filled one small venue; they pushed back all the ballroom's dividers to accommodate the other shindig.

They seemed like nice enough folks --the groomsmen stood outside our party to chime in on our band's rendition of "Sweet Caroline" with the so good! so good! so good! part. But we knew it was a whole diff'rent group when my two sisters reported that they had stepped inside the door of the E-Z wedding just in time to hear the bride finish her welcoming remarks with "AND NOW LET'S GET WAAAAAAAASTED!"

That was almost the precise moment that the munchkins seated at the grandchildren's table were staring at Husband and me in horror as we attempted to foxtrot.(see photo above)

Yup. Two diff'rent parties.

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