Friday, March 2, 2012

Working at Cross Purposes

Temperatures were in the 70s yesterday, which means it felt like spring, which is the time when a young man's fancy turns to love and a middle-aged woman's fancy turns to gardening. Also, since we're bringing in the Bartlett's, it is appropriate to mention that hope springs eternal. As in, I hope I don't kill everything I plant this spring.

One thing that will not be killed is the newest arrival to my collection of garden adornments. (I do plan to move it from the stair landing to the yard at some point, as soon as I stop admiring it.)

Folks, how cute is that birdbath? Cute, really cute, or perhaps the cutest thing you've ever seen? The just-landing bird is getting ready to take a dip in the (unfilled) bowl, which you may not be able to tell is shaped like a SUNFLOWER. Seriously, this thing makes me smile just to look at it. Also, it's cast iron so it's heavy as the dickens.

The best part? It cost $8, delivered. EIGHT DOLLARS! DELIVERED! (Thank you, local buy-sell-trade Facebook page.)

I was gloating about my incredible shopping prowess when Husband pointed to the chair in the sun room. This is where he sits to do his reading and to watch the world go by, and the packing materials there may look like misplaced trash but actually are strategically located weapons.

Turns out the birds are making a feast out of Our Dog Pepper's food, so when he notices a flock has gathered Husband stealthily opens the door to the deck and (BOOM!) pops the air-filled bags to scare them away.

"What are the birds going to think? I'm telling them to get out of Dodge and you bring in a hot tub for them."

I think the birds are going to think it's spring in the House on the Corner. This doesn't need to make sense.

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