Monday, March 19, 2012

More Orts

Sweeping up leftovers:
  • Our Dog Pepper is still at the vet, but we at least can see the edge of the woods she's not quite out of. Her doctor says she has less involuntary eye movement but still has head tilt, to which I say "Whaaa?". He also says she's eating again, and not vomiting, to which I say "YAAAAAAY!". Those are improvements every mom can get behind.
  • And speaking of pets, remember when I said I was emphatically not a cat person? Finally, I have scientific evidence for my choice. (Thank you, Auntie K, for the link.)
  •  And while we're on the subject of animals, I might as well end up with this link. Boy#1 couldn't decide if that made him want to cry or laugh. I'm guessing the laughing won out, but with an undercurrent of "awwwww."
  • After my post that complained about Daylight Stupid Times and its effect on my non-adjustable atomic clock, a friend let me know that within a couple of weeks the clock would readjust itself. Huh! Who knew? Also, the point became moot because I found the instructions. Remind me next fall that I need to HOLD DOWN the mode button for at least two seconds. 
  • We're forcing the spring-breaking Boys to rewind March Madness games when there's a chance one of their brothers might be in the pep band that was just shown oh-so-briefly. They love this as much as you think they might.
  • My goal for this week? One day of reseeding our terrible-looking front yard while I have slave labor around to do the manual labor. The weather forecast? Rain every day.  I'd sigh if we didn't need the rain, but we do, so I don't.

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