Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Daze

Spring break started Sunday. Do you know how I know this? Because it's been chilly, rainy, and damp for the past four days. Perfect weather for cozy quilts and naps. Imperfect weather for the gardening and grass planting I had intended to do with Boy#3 while he's home.

For all of you who are envying my spring break, though, I have this to say: HAHAHA! What break?

College administrators do not take this time off with the students and faculty. Instead, we are here at our offices, hard at work compulsively checking March Madness on our iPhones.

Today I did take an extra-long noon hour. A friend who pastors a local church had asked me to play the piano for the mid-week Lenten service and it was nothing difficult--the Gloria Patria and a hymn, music I first played in public practically before my feet could reach the pedals, so I agreed.

The service was lovely, in a wood-paneled sanctuary and I was relaxed and meditative as I listened to the gospel reading when suddenly I heard the liturgist say, "Everyone please rise for the Gloria Patria."

I heard this from where I was sitting, in the third pew. Did you know that a highly-motivated person can make it from the third pew to the piano bench in two steps? It's true.

Later my pastor friend teased me. She had been watching me intently all through the scripture, trying telepathically to wake me up and motivate me toward the piano. She saw the horror on my face as I realized I had missed my cue.

"I saw your face," B said, "and I said to myself, 'She just said oooooh....GLORY!"

That's close.

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