Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Say 'Yes'

Those of us who live in Kansas don't normally get much attention during national election years. We are an adamantly red state with a primary system that doesn't mean much by the time it rolls around, so candidates pretty much leave us alone.

I hadn't realized what a blessing that was until the past few days, when national candidates suddenly woke up to the fact that Kansans vote, too. And because Husband and I are registered Republicans even though one of us tends to vote along non-party lines, our phone line (we still have a land line because we're Luddites) has been kept hot by the wide range of identically disappointing Republican candidates.

Do we want to keep the right to bear arms? (Only if we can arm bears. It's an old joke in our family, with its four Baylor alumni.) Are we sickened by the waste in Washington? (Yes! When will those people learn to curb their dogs?)

After the forty-eleventh time I answered the phone when I would rather have been doing something else, I discovered the perfect way to shorten these conversations. Because I am a humanitarian, I am sharing it with you today. The name of the calling organization has been changed to protect the irritating, but feel free to copy and paste this script into your own unwanted calls.

(Cheerful Caller): Hi! I'm calling from Republicans for Progress, and I'd like to ask you a question. Do you think Obama is doing a good job as president of the United States?

(MomQueenBee): Yes! Yes, I do. He's doing a fine job. I could not be more pleased.

(CC): .........

(CC): Okay, then, well, thank you very much, and good-bye.

Works like a charm. You're welcome.

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