Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Beg Your Pardon...

I just got back from lunch to find this on my keyboard, and I know what you're all thinking.

"Awww, that Husband! Is he the sweetest thing or what?"

Except that Husband and I spent the lunch hour together watching the basketball game that pitted the teams that play for two of the Boys' universities, and repeatedly saying "Hey, was that the band? Rewind it! Was that a mellophone? I think I hear the trombones!" (We are more fun than a barrel of monkeys when it comes to watching March Madness.)

So what's the deal? Who/what left me a rose, and why/when? Is it Cranky Middle-Aged Women Who Need Naps Day?

Also, I apologize in advance for the earworm you will suffer for the rest of the day after clicking on this video.

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