Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Found On the Porch

It's been a while since we've had a What I Found On the Porch post, and just in time to remedy that deficiency, I arrived home yesterday to find our front door mat strangely levitated on the south end.

Hoping desperately that the levitation wasn't caused by some kind of living animal (hello, no-longer-hibernating skunk!) I flipped over the end of the mat and found this:

Well, hey, UPS deliveryperson! Nice job of hiding this delivery!

And I'm certainly glad the box had been hidden, because I would have hated for the neighborhood ne'er-do-wells to have taken off with this:

My AARP card. Which Husband got for me as joke for my 55th birthday present because he's 16 months younger than I. (Oh, yes, he's hilarious that way. Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Apparently the card had fallen into the box that contained shoes I bought online and returned because they were too small. Excellent customer service by the folks at, but really, they could have kept the card. The alarm clock every morning is enough to remind me of my non-retired-person status.

Some things found on the porch are more fun than other things found on the porch.

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