Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Aren't Teenaged Girls

While we were on vacation (yes, I love to use that phrase; is it too much?) Husband and I finished our three-mile hike with a self-portrait, a la the millions of self-portraits you see on the Facebook pages of teenaged girls.

I can only blame the altitude for this bad decision. Vacation is the time I wear no make-up and don't do my hair, we were camping and hadn't showered for two days, and did I mention the three miles we'd hiked? (Or maybe it wasn't the altitude. How high is Oklahoma anyway?) Anyway, we were mighty pretty, so of course we had to document the moment.

I pulled out the camera, held it at arms length, and clicked. Whoops, missed half of husband.Try again.

Yeah, that's so much better.

Want to know how many times we tried to get this picture? Nine. Nine times one of us was half out of the frame, or the shot was straight up our noses, or half our heads were cut off.

I have always assumed that I'm at least as smart as those teenaged girls who instinctively throw a starlet pose at the drop of a shutter, but we could not get this right.

Finally I made one slight adjustment: I turned the camera from portrait to landscape.

Turns out we're not too old to take self-portraits, we're just too wide.



  1. LOVE that last line, "turns out we're not too old...." Tears from laughing so hard!
    I'm impressed it only took 9 tries. I've attempted this and had to give up when my camera batteries died from being overworked.

  2. Okay, first - you both look great - better than I'd look after a 3 mile hike!
    Second - people have now walked by my office staring because I'm laughing so hard!!! My girls do this all the time and after about 5 tries I completely gave up. #1 - I too can't seem to center myself in the frame. #2 - I too get the "up the nose shot", which only gets worse as I age & #3 - I don't really enjoy the final results regardless!
    There's a reason I majored in JMC - because I get to stay BEHIND the camera!!! :)