Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So How's the Camping Trip Going?

Fixing the water hose
One of Husband's best traits is his ability to say, with very little regret or damage to his ego, "Hey, I'm over my head here. We need to call someone to fix this."

Last week we pulled our pop-up trailer out of storage after three years of non-use, and while Husband's ability to Priceline cheap hotel rooms is legendary and his knowledge of arcane tax law is astounding, during the past few days he's had plenty of opportunity to admit that the pop-up's deterioration had outstripped his handyman abilities.

Enter our good buddy, Jim.

Jim can fix pretty much anything, including the broken water hose that filled the galley three inches deep the second I opened the faucet. (That will put a scamper in your get-along when the shut-off valve is clear across the yard.)

Husband had called Good Buddy Jim to help with one minor repair, which led to four hours of rebuilding the water, heating, and electrical systems of the camper. As he left for his fourth trip to the industrial supply shop I tried to let Jim off the hook for the rest of the work.

"Really, I don't mind hauling water. If I have a bed off the ground and lights that work, I'm a happy camper," I told him.

He looked at me through narrowed eyes, wiping plumber's goo off his hands.

"I. Am Not. Going. To Let. This. Beat Me."

An hour later, all systems were working and Jim had earned chocolate sheetcake on demand for the rest of his life.

That's the kind of Good Buddy everyone needs.

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