Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Minority

This was the big football weekend of the season in the MomQueenBee household, when Far Away University and Home State University played each other. A fair amount of braggin' rights were attached to the results of this game, especially since FAU was NATIONALLY RANKED (we always said that in capital letters) and the game was taking place at HSU.

Boy#4 and seven of his buddies made the eight-hour trek to to spend the nights before and after the game in the House on the Corner. Friends, we live in an enormous house, but adding that many strapping youth pretty much meant I could keep track of them easily. As in, "Whoops! Sorry to step on your hand as you slept there on the floor!" easy.

When we got to the game, the guys were sitting in a different place from Husband and me, but we walked to the game together. It was easy to keep track of them as they strode down the sidewalk, until we ran into some home team traffic. Then it looked more like this:

And when we got into the stadium, it felt as if we'd dived into a grape.

As it turns out, it isn't easy finding eight gold shirts among 50,000 purple ones. I finally found our FAU guys a couple rows up and 30 yards down from our seats. See them?

How about now?
Trust me. I recognize them, and they're there. And if I hadn't recognized that hat, when the game got over I would have recognized the face. It was the exact opposite of this face.

Except that Boy#3's face was about eight thousand percent happier than it was when this picture was taken.

Guess who'll be braggin' this year?

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