Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miracles, Everyday and Not So Much

We toss the word "miracle" around pretty loosely these days.

Look! The picture I took on vacation! It's a miracle I could get that red branch to frame the little building like that.

Isn't it a miracle how delicious pancakes taste on a crisp autumn morning in the camper? And look what we have to go with them...

Pre-cooked bacon and maple syrup all the way from West Virginia! Yummy, yummy miracles.

We win football games with miracle passes and our salad dressing is Miracle Whip.

When it comes to true miracles, though, look no further than my friend, S. Less than 48 hours ago a stray bullet came through her car window and hit her in the jaw, exiting through her neck. Today, after surgery confirmed that against all odds she should recover uneventfully (albeit not without pain), she was writing e-mails to friends and chatting with loved ones.

That, my friends, is a miracle, and boldfaces and italicizes what S. and her family and friends already knew.

God is good.

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