Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Uh, What?

So, MomQueenBee, what's it like to have an aging brain?

It's like this: When I was younger, I could knit and watch television and read a book, all at the same time. Or I could simultaneously talk on the phone, plan supper, and decide what color to paint the living room.

My brain was a multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Nowadays my brain is more focused, which is to say, I can do exactly one thing at a time. I can walk into a room, or I can remember what I was walking into the room to do.

It's as if my brain is a bulletin board but instead of using push-pins to keep a task up on the board I use PostIt notes, and the sticky part has lost its stickum. I put up the note "Hey! Remember to (task)!" and the note sticks until the next note is posted, then the first wafts gently to the floor, where it lands face-down.

Hey, there's something I need to remember! I see it there, but I can't read it because it's face-down on the floor!

I want my brain's push-pins back.

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