Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These Are My People

I spring from a family of nerds and dweebs, and I married into a family of nerds and dweebs.

Would you like to know what underlined this fact over the weekend, and added a handful of exclamation points for emphasis? That would be the conversation I overheard between Husband and Brother#2 as I was gathering provisions for our trip to Small Town's fabulous music festival. (You'd think I was setting off on the Oregon Trail if you were judging by the provisions I packed, including both sunblock and rain ponchos, but that's another story.)

We were scheduled to leave just as Small Town was hit by a thunderstorm that included lots of wicked-looking lightning so the men in the house checked the Weather Channel to see if we should brave the storm for a chance to hear my favorite band. (Names in the following exchange have been changed because my brain is a leaky sieve and I don't remember what the names were, but the essence of the conversation is EXACTLY RIGHT.)

Husband: "Oh, good. It looks like Michelle's back from maternity leave."

Brother: "Yeah, I think she had a boy. Did Janie get done with her military service?"

Folks, my husband and my brother know the Weather Channel women BY NAME. I can barely keep my sons' names straight, and these two not only knew the weather-chickies' names, they also knew their work schedules, their weather specialties (I didn't even know you could be the Low Pressure Girl) and apparently, their due dates.

As soon as I stop my eye-rolling, I'll let you know how proud I am.

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