Thursday, September 22, 2011

My People: Addendum

As I had anticipated, yesterday's post about my people, specifically Husband and Brother#2, and their freakish knowledge of the Weather Channel personnel stirred the pot in the House on the Corner. It created a low level disturbance, you might say.

Anyway, this was the first exchange of e-mails after the post:

Husband to Me: I figured this would end up in a blog.  I don’t think you’re quoting us correctly but I’ll let it slide this time.  Nice picture of Nichole Mitchell, by the way, but she’s not there anymore.

Me to Husband: And, bang! My point is proven! :-)

He replied something along the lines that it proved nothing, and just because he knew Nichole Mitchell was going to law school doesn't indicate any kind of superfan status. (Yes, we do discuss this kind of thing in e-mails. Don't you and your husband?)

The discussion continued this morning over breakfast, since we simply cannot let a good thing die a natural death. Husband contended that while he may know the goings-on in the lives of the Weather Channel personnel that it's no different from my following the comings-and-goings of hosts on the Today show. To which I pointed out that I don't even watch the Today show.

Husband: "Okay, well what about Top Chef? Why isn't Tom Colicchio hosting any more?"

Me: "That is totally not a good comparison. It's not even Top Chef season right now--we're in Top Chef Just Desserts, and that's hosted by Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini, and ..."

At that point I trailed off, hoist by my own petard. I think maybe knowing the hosts of Top Chef and Cupcake Wars may be even higher on the nerd and dweeb scale than knowing the weather girls.

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