Friday, September 16, 2011

My Cup of Tea

Contentment in a cup
When I went to bed last night I hadn't decided what I would be doing this morning.

Normally I don't give that question much thought: If it's a weekday I'm getting up, watering the drought-surviving flowers, and going to work. If it's a weekend I'm getting up and heading out for a football game or church.

But earlier this week I had gone through the formality of requesting time off so I could spend the day with Brother#2 at Small Town's fabulous music festival. Except that, whoops, it turns out that Brother isn't arriving until tonight.

Normally I would think, "Well, I have plenty of work to do, I'll go to the office after all and use that vacation some other time."

But today dawned chilly and grey, exactly the kind of day I always arrive at the office and announce "I wish I were at home with a cup of tea, a good book, and an afghan."

So I am.


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