Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Queen

I have some definite fashion do's and don'ts dos and don'ts do's and don't's preferences when it comes to dressing in public: 

No jeans for me, unless I am in my own home behind closed doors. I am shaped in such a way that I would doubtlessly end up on People of WalMart and never be able to show my face (or badonkadonk) in public again.

No bare legs except with sandals. Age and genetics and giving birth to four children have conspired against the kind of beautiful legs that can pull off nakedness. (Liz Lemon and I agree that pantyhose are God's gifts to women with spider veins.)

So how was I dealing with the mud and slop at Small Town's fabulous music festival Saturday? Rocking the tennis shoes and crew socks with a skirt. Oh, yeah, I'm a fashion queen.

Fortunately, as Brother#2 pointed out, we were surrounded by this:

and this:
and this:
His exact words?

"As long as there are tie-dyed muumuus in the world, you will not be the least fashionable person here."

Thanks, Bro.

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