Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pearl-allel Parking

I've discovered something new since I began driving Pearl (OF DOOM) a month or so ago. It turns out that there are all of these parking places in Small Town that I had ignored during the years when I drove a troops-moving vehicle. Then, with a vehicle the size of the Queen Mary (the ship, not the actual queen), it was angle-in or keep driving.

This morning I went to visit Husband in his downtown office and the space right in front of the door was a parallel spot. I hadn't pulled into one of these tricky spaces since I demonstrated this skill in driver's ed, oh, so long ago, but as it turns out, parallel parking is like riding a bike. I took a deep breath, pulled up beside the car in front, and began backing in. Seven seconds later I was parked.

Perfectly spaced in front:

Perfectly (almost) spaced in back:

With room to spare. Thanks for the little beepy warnings that I was getting close to the car in back, Pearl, and go, me!

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