Friday, July 15, 2011

I Feed Them Because They Make Me Laugh

I was watching a spy show on basic cable last night when the beautiful villainess let loose with a word that wouldn't have been allowed over the airways not so many years ago.

"Blankety-blank!" she screamed, so loudly that Boy#3 heard and wandered in from the kitchen.

I should explain that while they weren't allowed unlimited television when they were kids, the Boys usually have been allowed to watch whatever programs Husband and I watch, including shows with other than G ratings. (That's only fair. If I had to sit through Barney then, they have to tolerate Burn Notice now.)

"Remember when we were little and someone on television said something like that?" Three said. "You always would say, 'We don't approve of or use that language in this house.' Well, ever since then I've wanted to use that rule on some random word, so from now on, every time I hear someone on TV say 'cow,' I'm going to say 'We don't approve of or use that language in this house.'"

Then he laughed and laughed, and so did I.

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