Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's been a whirlwind of re-entry, so today I'm serving leftovers: This picture is left over from our hotel stay but didn't seem to fit with the post I wrote about things I'll miss

But I do miss the elevator. 

This was one swell elevator, practically magical in its ability to appear quickly even though there were several hundred people at the conference. It moved smoothly and made it from first floor to tenth floor in about three seconds flat. 

The best part about it, though, was its voice. 

This elevator had a mellifluous, feminine voice that announced the floors in tones so dulcet that you wanted to step off on that floor whether your room was there or not. The voice was welcoming and hopeful--"Sixth floor! Going up!" "Eighth floor! Going up!" 

Then it would get to the top floor and you could just tell it was sorry you weren't able to go a couple of floors higher. 

"Tenth floor--going down," she would say sadly as we left the car, the announcement trailing off dejectedly. 
I've decided this is going to be part of my life. As I came downstairs this morning I announced "Second floor, going down."

The Boys don't think I'm at all crazy when I do things like that.

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