Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fair Is Where You Take Your Pigs

This is me. The eyes may be a little tired-looking, and what's with the ALWAYS needing a cut and color, but what beautiful skin I have.

Hahahaha! Fooled you!

This portrait only has beautiful skin because it is an Artist Rendition, and the artist chooses to not add nature's embellishments. If the artist were more truthful, my portrait would look like this:

And to be perfectly honest, it also would look like this, which I've thoughtfully labeled because I love my readers and don't want them to have to work too hard:

I used to tell the Boys, when they were whining about the brother getting to sit next to the air conditioner in the car, or about the brother who got to lick the mixer when I made cookies, that life is not fair. But a face that sports a zit and an age spot within three inches of each other?

Mother Nature isn't fair.

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  1. yeah, like when the dr. took me off of premarin and my facial hair grew over nite. bah humbug. Still thinking about using something to remove it. Carol