Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Pearl

So just how excited are you? The day has finally come when I introduce you to my new(-to-me) car! Woohoo!

This is Pearl, so named not only because of her color (which is less silvery than this picture would indicate) but in honor of Minnie Pearl, who had a few miles on her but nonetheless was cheerful and stylish. That's exactly the personality of my new(-to-me) 2003 Ford Escape.

Pearl has wonderful qualities, most of which the remainder of the civilized driving world has taken for granted for the past decade or so. For example, many drivers already knew that it is possible to unlock a car door without using a key. You just push a button on a little black pad, and voila! You're in! Amazing.

Also, contrary to my experiences during the past 15 years, did you know a car can be parked BETWEEN the lines in a parking lot and still have room to spare? And that a car sometimes will FIT IN A GARAGE? I know! It's an incredible new world.

The Boys are helping me discover Pearl's bells and whistles, of which there are many. Boy#1 pushed a button on the dash and the roof retracted! Who knew? He suggested it's now possible to truly enjoy snow by turning on the bunwarmers and riding around with the roof open. I may just have to try that in a few months.

However, the Boys were not pleased with my choice of a name for my new(-to-me) best friend.

"Pearl?" they wrinkled their noses and rolled their eyes. Naming a car is fine, but naming a car after both a birthstone and a Grand Ol' Opry star is not so fine, so the whippersnappers took it upon themselves to re-christen my car.

They agreed that Pearl of Doom is a much more intimidating label, so now that's all they call her, and the second part is always emphasized. "How is Pearl...OF DOOM today?" they might say. Or "When are you going to let me drive Pearl...OF DOOM?"

Of course, Pearl isn't perfect. I've discovered that overzealous detailing left surfaces slick enough that I slide forward on the seat every time I brake, but hey, that's a little like complaining that spring weather is just a little too perfect.

Yesterday I left work and walked toward Pearl, smiling and pressing the unlock icon on the key, when I noticed something horrible. Someone in the next parking space had obviously opened a door with too much vigor, leaving an ugly ding in Pearl's shiny paint. Oh, no!

I hurried to her side, but instead of the friendly lights-blink greeting she usually gives me, the car sat in dejected darkness. I looked a little closer. Whoops! Wrong car!

This new(-to-me) car thing takes a little getting used to.

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  1. Lots of squeeeeeeeeee for your new (to you) car. When I got my new (to me) car, it already had 90,000 miles on it, but it had lovely features like heated seats--the best invention ever!