Friday, July 22, 2011

How Spooky Was That?

One of the nice thing about Boy#1's job, and my job, is that we can check in with each other by instant message during the day. That's pretty cool when he's exactly half a nation away and we don't see him very often.

Yesterday morning I was busy at work and knew this blog would be low priority, so I off-handedly messaged him: "Hey, want to write a guest post for Empty Nest Feathers?"

I am not exaggerating when I say it was not 20 seconds later that the first sentence of yesterday's post appeared in the little IM box, and within three minutes the entire post was there, complete with links and sounding more like me than I do. I've known for years that he was a terrific writer (his posts from Hong Kong were a stitch) but the exactitude with which he caught my voice was a little unnerving. And while the post made me laugh and certainly made my morning less rushed, it was a humbling experience: It took One just five minutes to out-MomQueenBee the MomQueenBee.

I'm going to have to start calling him Buzz.

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