Friday, July 1, 2011

This Is Great, Too

Husband and Boy#1: Best. Tour Guides. Ever.
You-all know I love Small Town, right?

I do. I love its friendliness and its compassion and its bluegrass festival every fall. I love that my house is within five (large-ish) step of where I work, making my commute approximately four seconds. I love that when we're out of milk for breakfast I can put the bread in the toaster and get to the grocery store and back before the toast pops up.

But people, there is something about being in a town where good-looking tour guides take you to crowded burger joints that were started by famous chefs, and even if that chef was kind of a jerk and I didn't like him much during his season of Top Chef, I've forgiven him because his restaurant invented something called the Obama Burger and the Milky Way Shake, and may I just say that these put the Ahhh! in cholesterahhhhl.

I won't bore you with the details of the meal (why, yes, I did take pictures of the greasy paper sack the fries came in) except to say that we decided to walk from the restaurant to approximately Connecticut in an attempt to purge ourselves of the guilt from its decadence. But then we left the restaurant and looked to our left and forgot all about our good resolve.

Why, hello, democracy. You're looking mighty pretty tonight

And we looked to our right and the sun was hitting the Library of Congress just right, and the air was soft and warmish (while Small Town, we love you, was hitting 105 degrees), and we forgot everything except how this town is kind of magical and seductive.

No wonder nothing ever gets done here.

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