Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Am I Missing Here?

The floral delivery guy arrived at my office yesterday and to my delight handed me this gorgeous bouquet. It's not my birthday or anniversary, so these lovelies are a sure sign of one thing:

MomQueenBee is just a tetch crabby these days, and is uncharacteristically (ha!) sharing this discontent with those around her. If I had to guess, I'd give credit for my attitude to several factors:

The heat, which is KILLING me this summer.

The upcoming weekend, during which my mad lack of cooking skillz will be on display for the extended family (plus the associated stress of wondering whether those dozens--really! dozens!--of dozens of cupcakes in the freezer are going to emerge edible).

The complete and utter lack of awareness by our national leaders that they are in the process of destroying our nation.

I offer that last observation with the customary caveat that I am practically a cavewoman when it comes to my ignorance of political nuance, but what am I missing here? It seems obvious that those of us who have (whether we have a lot or a little) are going to have to give more, and those who have not are going to have to get less.

Husband is on the local school board, which is navigating the same budgetary upheavals as most local district. One line item that has been deferred repeatedly is the allocation used to buy textbooks. As a result, the district's textbooks are in dire need of replacement. Last night, despite his natural inclination as the Most Frugal Man in the World, Husband proposed to the board that it add a minimal tax levy to support the replacement of the textbooks. (And when I say minimal, I do not exaggerate: It would have cost our family about $10 per year, which is less than most people in Small Town spend at Sonic in a month.) The proposal died for lack of a second.

I sighed when I heard about the textbooks, but really, this is just a local version of the high-stakes squabbling going on at the national level right now. All involved are so afraid of budging an inch from where they have planted their flags that the abyss between the flags is threatening to swallow all of us. We are risking our nation's future because those who have are unwilling to give, and those who have not are unwilling to give up.

I think I'm understanding why Husband thought I needed flowers.

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