Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Here!

The three signs on this door say "Do Not Enter"(x2) and "Quiet! Performance in Progress"

I'm here! I haven't moved away or abandoned this space! I'm just busy, busy, busy. But I will be back, because I'm sure you're all breathlessly awaiting updates about my eyebrows. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple of Thursday orts:

1. Last Saturday I was a door monitor at the high school regional music contest. More than 600 lovely singers and talented brass players and exuberant percussionists invaded Small College, and it was my job to keep order in the hallway while performances were in progress. I was stationed at a set of doors that is identical to the ones shown in today's photo but I kept seeing students stop and put their hands on the pictured door handles. Then, inevitably, the student would ask, "Can I go in here?"

I'm going to give these folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they did not see the two signs instructing them to DO NOT ENTER, or the sign that was taped directly across the door opening explaining they should be QUIET! because PERFORMANCE IN PROGRESS!

You know all that research that shows studying music makes you smarter? That must kick in after the high school years.

2. Husband and I were syncing our calendars this week and realized that the next Saturday we have open is June 7. Between tax season and the end-of-academic-year folderol, we're missing all of the good camping weather. Hrmph. The folks who said we would be bored when we were empty nesters were so, so wrong.

3. This morning I was on a conference call just before lunch and my stomach growled so loudly that the presenter on the other end of the call asked if someone had a question. Sigh.

Maybe this is why we're destined to not be able to go camping: The universe knows you just can't take me anywhere.

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