Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At the End of the Tantrum

I've had several good pieces of advice concerning my dead computer and how it is affecting my life and mental well-being. One lovely friend suggested I pray about it and Much Older Sister went for the practical solution and advised that I take up drinking. It was the good angel on my right shoulder that had the best suggestion though:

Stop being a total utter raving lunatic about this. It is not attractive.

Much as I hate that good angel, I have a very wise right shoulder.

So! Today I am thinking about the good things in my life, and how in-the-grand-scheme-of-things unimportant my dead computer is. Even without counting the wonderful, supportive people in my life who have tried to talk me down from the edge on this issue, the technological issues paled in comparison to the Good Things. Here are the first four (non-human) things that came to mind:

1. The phlox and azaleas in my flower bed both are blooming, and the peonies are ready to burst into flower. Yay, spring!

2. It was cool enough last night to sleep with the bedspread tucked around my chin. Yay, hanging-on of winter!

3. When looking for a flower picture to illustrate today's post I found a screen shot of the day I won Prairie Scramble, which was perhaps one of the best moments of my life and I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN IT. Oh, how I miss Corner Gas and the delightful Canadians who had a word game as part of their promotional plan.

4.  This is not cancer.

All better now.

And how are you today?

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