Friday, April 25, 2014

Cures for What Ails Me

Here are the things that will have saved my life if I actually survive The Plague:

1. NyQuil, thanks to which I slept through last night in a dreamless puddle of drool and snores.

2. Edy's Outshine Lime Fruit Bars. These have been my favorite pre-bedtime indulgence for some time, but the combination of tartness and cold were the perfect antidote to my feverish state and because I was either in bed or going to bed pretty much non-stop this week, every day I may have had two or three. Or four, but only on the day when I didn't eat anything else.

3. Which brings us to the most potent weapon in this arsenal of lifesavers. It was preceded by a rather confused conversation:
Me: Herrroo?
My friend L: I'm outside your house and I have soup for you.
Me: Herrooo?
L: Come to the door.
Me: ?????
But I followed directions and went to the door and there was L with a Mason jar filled with (I am quite serious here) the nectar of the gods. It was the most delicious, wholesome, hot, wonderful-tasting brew ever to fill a Mason jar, and today I am back at work.

Never underestimate the curative powers of friends bearing chicken soup.I may yet beat The Plague.


  1. What a great friend and person your friend L is!
    Hope the plague has left your house and all is well again.

  2. Recipe! I need the soup recipe =)!