Monday, April 7, 2014

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Husband told the photographer to be ready. Kiss-bomb!
(Actual breakfast table conversation from the House on the Corner)
Husband: I was pretty irritated with you in my dreams last night.

MomQueenBee: Oh? What did I do?

Husband: You decided you were ready to do some remodeling on the house, so the contractor came over and you started tearing wallpaper off upstairs without even checking to see if I was okay with it.

MomQueenBee: And how, exactly, is this different from our actual lives?

Husband: Well, not at all. But then I sulked.

MomQueenBee: My point is proven.

Thirty years and counting and I'm still his dream girl. It must be love.


  1. You two are adorable! Wishing you both a fantastic final week of tax season. May the procrastinators be early and the extensions be swift.

  2. And to you as well, Melinda! May your software stay steady and your receptionist bring treats.