Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Breaking the Tape

When Boy#2 ran his marathon a couple of weeks ago, we met up with him at the halfway point and again just a mile before the finish. Halfway through the 26.2 miles Two was chipper and talkative. He posed for pictures and stuffed his pockets with gummy bears then waved jauntily as he took off down the street again. At the 25-mile mark the distance was starting to show.

I shot video of his arrival at our check-point on my phone and you can hear me shouting encouragement.

"Woooo, Two! Great job! You're almost there! Wooooo!" then you hear my sotto voce aside to Lovely Girl "Oh, my gosh, he looks terrible," followed by more Woooos! and "Only a mile left! Hang in there!" Two didn't stop for pictures; later he said he was afraid he wouldn't get moving again if he did.

I thought of that in the past couple of days as Husband has raced toward the metaphorical adding machine tape stretched across the April 15 income tax deadline. A CPA, Husband starts this marathon in January when he begins working a few extra hours every evening. By the March 15 corporate tax deadline he's working several extra hours every evening, but he still looks good. His pockets are filled with gummy bears.

Then April arrives and now, after three months of The Season, we're at the stage where Husband doesn't stop for fear of derailing the momentum that is keeping him going.

Last night I took sandwiches to his office for supper. It saved the ten minutes it would have taken him to get home, and even more important, it saved him having to expend the energy to get back in the rhythm of deductions and contributions and bottom lines.

"You're looking great!" I told him, and he admitted that this year has been remarkably uncomplicated, with few software problems and only one computer crash. After the record level of stress last year when he had both of those issues plus the death of his mother on April 14 to cope with, this year has been a walk in the park.

The walk through the park is still a marathon, though, and both of us will be glad when he hits the finish line at midnight tonight. Tax season is exhausting, and it's a relief to see the last of the e-filings successfully completed.

Wooooo, honey! You look great! Now take a nap--you've earned it.


  1. From 2003-2005 I was a tax accountant and although I haven't done that work for nearly a decade, every year at this time and in the September-October range I am sincerely grateful that I don't do that anymore. I loved the work, but the hours during tax season were ridiculous. Going to work at 6 am, coming home at midnight, getting up and doing it all over again for 2-3 weeks on top of the months of working generally longer hours nearly did me in. So glad your husband has made it across the finish line!

  2. Yay! We made it again! This year has been a hard one but we made it through. A small kindness like sandwiches delivered and maybe not mentioning how truly awful we look is so appreciated. Hope you get some time together to relax and restore.

    1. And yay for you, too! There's a firm in town that treats the whole staff to a spa day on April 16. Husband's equivalent is a full day of AMC movies, and he plans to enjoy it.