Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yup. That's How It Is.

I'm showing the internet the inside of my refrigerator. Wow.
Boy#3 and Boy#4 arrived home for Best Day of the Year vacation last night, and it is wonderful. I would, of course, prefer that Boy#2 and Boy#1 and Lovely Girl be here as well, but neither beggars nor the overblessed who have spent time with all of their farflung children during the past month can be choosers.

Three kept me company this morning while I was finishing up the pre-Thanksgiving cooking. This is an actual transcript of our conversation.

Three: So, what have you already done this morning?

Me: I've brined the turkey in a salt solution, cooked and mashed the potatoes with cream cheese and butter and cream, baked the sweet potatoes, cooked the syrup for the sweet potatoes, and refrigerated all of it for final baking tomorrow.

Three: In other words, cooking for Thanksgiving means you take a lot of healthy foods, and make them unhealthy?

I think he's beginning to see why this is the eve of the Best Day of the Year

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