Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Candy Buffet

As we work our way down the list of Questions Everyone Has Been Holding Their Breath Until They Hear the Answers To, we reach the one concerning MomQueenBee's primary responsibility during the Wedding of the Century, namely "How was the candy buffet?" 

So today I will address that subject because even though I had obviously fulfilled my primary responsibility twenty-seven and a half years ago (that of GIVING BIRTH TO THE GROOM), several folks a couple of people  one person did ask how the Uncle Sam hat turned out. The answer to that question turns out to depend upon whom you ask. 

If you ask me, I would say it was just fine. Quite cute, even, and maybe even Pinterest-worthy. The shabby chic vanity that Lovely Girl and Boy#1 found in an antique store was the perfect quirky spot for all those bowls of blue gummy bears and blue sour rings and swirly blue lollipops (and Reese's Pieces because the groom loves Reese's Pieces even though they are not blue and I am his mother and was ordering the candy).

If you ask the young professional women who are friends of the bride and were helping with other reception decorations, the candy buffet was ADORABLE! Oh, my gosh, that's so adorable! they said as they pulled out their phones to snap a picture of it for their Pinterest boards. 

If you ask the people who gathered around the buffet to load the tiny blue organza treat bags with Kisses and white mints to take home, they would say "Mrmphoremmph" because their mouths were full of blue gummy bears. 

But if you ask the father of the groom, who had loaded the vanity into three different cars on its voyage from the antique store to Small Town to the wedding location, he will say something completely different. 

"I do not get this," he will say, as he said more than once. "The paint's all coming off. I can see the pink paint underneath. Can't I please just strip it down and put a coat of varnish on it?"

Some people obviously need more Pinterest in their lives.

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