Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Wedding Orts and a Blurb

Okay, I seem to have come to the end of the wedding stream. Yesterday, after the lovely Idena asked for More Wedding! More Wedding! I sat down and opened a new-post window and...nothing. Nothing left to burble about except the lovely view outside our window at the historic hotel, and I couldn't make a whole post out of that.

(It was lovely. The end.)

Oh, wait. There was one more thing about this view: If you turned 180 degrees, you saw the opposite of lovely. Want to know what happens when you put a family-of-six in a couple of adjoining rooms two hours before they become a family-of-seven and tell them all to change clothes RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE? Whoa. It looked like The Men's Wearhouse exploded in there, especially if you throw in a couple of remote controlled helicopters that were the perfect groomsmen gifts but came with a LOT of packaging.

Anyway, you can all be grateful that I did not photographically document that scene. It was not pretty.

Husband and the Boys don't dress up in tuxedos all that often. Although, as I think about it, they put on fancy duds more often than I do, since one of them attends presidential inaugurations and one of them plays Real Music that properly requires formal attire. Don't believe me? Once again I have photographic evidence.

This photo is a screen shot of the taken of the television coverage during the first Obama inauguration, when Boy#1 was on the FRONT ROW when Barack and Michelle had their first dance. He is wearing a tuxedo. (I mean Boy#1 was; I assume Barack also was but I have no photographic evidence of this.)

But my point was that Husband and the Boys needed a bit of assistance in figuring out whether they should wear the suspenders (Me: "Boys, no. Husband, yes.") and how to affix the shiny accoutrement that accompany formalwear. That meant I was scurrying when it came putting my own self together, but hey! Worth it!

They clean up nicely, don't they?
And finally, a wedding blurb.

This Band
This band. May I say once more that they were the biggest surprise of the entire weekend? I thought the church would be lovely, I believed the chaplain would be terrific, I knew the ceremony music would be fabulous, and I was right on all of those points. But I was afraid the band would be one of Those Wedding Bands that play too loudly when you're trying to eat, and have their dance set that goes from A to B to C without a thought to what's happening on the dance floor. That was not this band.

Multiphonic rocked in every way possible. They played songs that I liked, and songs that my 87-year-old father liked, and songs that the age-appropriate dancers liked. When they played the first dance song for our newlyweds I was misty-eyed as I lost myself in both the lyrics and the tenderness of the moment, even though I'd never heard the song before. They gauged the energy on the dance floor and calmed it down or amped it up as necessary.

If you have a chance to crash a wedding where this group is playing, don't hesitate to put on your rented tux and pretend to be one of the guests. Multiphonic turned out to be a way better alternative than my suggestion for the post-dinner entertainment. Go figure--I thought nothing could top board games, but I was wrong..

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  1. Yes! More wedding!
    I am making notes on all these posts for the day my son brings home a lovely girl to share his life with -- the candy bar, taking my husband to a jewelry store the day of the rehearsal dinner (one can hope he does as your husband did), candid shots of the bridesmaids, and remote controlled helicopters! Wow, it was the WotC, no doubt!