Monday, November 25, 2013

Check It Off

Recipes, both virtual and printed, plus coffee
I know what you're thinking.

"MomQueenBee's on her annual Thanksgiving-week vacation," you're thinking."She's probably sitting around home drinking coffee and watching a Project Runway All Stars marathon."

Well, okay, you are absolutely right about that. At this actual moment I am drinking coffee, and those back-bitey designers are biting backs and creating weird "clothing" for me to make fun of.

But I am rocking and rolling on the Thanksgiving-ness, too. So far this morning I have made a list, without which Thanksgiving cannot happen. In fact, I have made three lists--to do today, to do by dinnertime on Thursday, to buy. On today's list were 1) clean out refrigerator, 2) get a haircut, 3) find Thanksgiving recipes, 4) grocery shop, 5) blog.

Not even on my list was 6) have lunch with Husband, but when I hit the publish button, I will have crossed off all six items on my list and it's not even mid-afternoon

Boom! Bring on the Thanksgiving!

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