Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beautiful Girls

You can't tell me you honestly thought I was done talking about the Wedding of the Century, did you? Because how well do you know me? Considering how many words I can generate about pantyhose, if you thought I was moving on from this topic you apparently do not know me very well at all.

Anyway, among the things about the WotC that make me smile is this picture of the four bridesmaids. I snapped it while these beautiful young women were waiting for their turn with the real photographer, and I LOVE it. They are so themselves in this picture; not one of them in that current-century girl pose that makes me gag just a little. (I'm telling you, people, that pose is the gateway drug to wearing national costumes in the Miss Universe pageant.)

What are my favorite memories of these funny, smart, poised young women who looked so CUTE in their turquoise bridesmaid dresses? Well, the maid of honor's toast was one of two moments in the entire day that made a tear roll down my cheek. (I know! Who was this woman, who normally cries at Folgers Christmas commercials but made it through her own son's wedding almost tear-free?)

Perhaps the best moment, though, came in the church basement as we waited for the wedding coordinator's signal that it was time to start the show. The flower girls, the bridesmaids, the parents, and the happy couple had been sequestered down there long enough that the youngest members of the group had lost their occasion-appropriate sense of awe and were beginning to squirm. And poke each other. And swing their pomanders around as if they were wrecking balls in spite of the florist's explicit instructions that included DO NOT SWING THESE AROUND.

So the bridesmaids distracted the moppets with a rousing game of "Two Reals and a Whopper" (also known as "Two Truths and a Lie" in circles where the L-word is used more casually). They had gone through three rounds of the game when the most sarcastic of the young professional women challenged the antsy girls.

"Okay, I live in Missouri, I like potato chips, and I have never punched a five-year-old. Yet."

For some reason, this calmed the little darlings right down.

She's going to be a great mom some day.

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you're not done telling us about the WoftC! More! More!