Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Clean-Up

So, my faithful reader(s), are you overdosed on the Wedding of the Century yet? I apologize if this is the case, because for one more day, we're cleaning up after the wedding. This event was equivalent of the Mayan calendar for me--I didn't actually believe life was going on after Nov. 2, but here we are!

One of my favorite parts of the event (I know, I know, I've used that phrase forty-eleven times already) was going with to the courthouse with the lovebirds as they applied for their marriage license.

I loved, loved, loved the sign in the hallway with the little pointy finger that led couples to the door where they would present two forms of identification, including one photo ID, that would enable them to be recognized as legally-married persons in the state of Missouri. I loved, loved, loved the wooden bench that was right under the sign, and I wondered if I could fit it into my purse and walk away with it before anyone noticed.

But mostly I loved, loved, loved the clerk who took the vital information and formalized the marriage license. Even though she was at least my age, possibly older, she was wearing a shirt that said "Bite Me."

Such a tender sentiment for someone with this responsibility.

You did not believe me, did you?
I guess that's what happens when you apply for your marriage license on Halloween.

I also must publicly admit that I was wrong. (Husband is, even as we speak, marking this date on his calendar.)

I wasn't a big fan of the idea of a wedding dance. I've been at wedding dances where the band plays gamely and well, but no one dances. I was afraid that when Boy#1 and Lovely Girl decided on a dance that the WotC would turn into one of those events. That was most assuredly not the case.

People got down. I danced just as much as I wanted to, which is to say that both Boy#1 and Husband steered me around the floor once, but I had so much fun watching everyone else dance. My two favorite dance-related moments of the night (after the first dance, of course) were seeing my six-year-old niece dance the feet off of everyone else on the floor, then seeing my seven-year-old nephew top that by doing The Worm amid all the young professionals who thought they were the stars of the show.

Those two youngsters know how to par-tay. Even though the clip here isn't my niece, it was EXACTLY the way she danced, and I bow in admiration.

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