Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Have I Mentioned This Before?

This morning as I (tra-la-la) worked my way down my to-do list (boil brine for turkey, stir up first batch of rolls, etc.), I thought to myself, "Self, you really should tell your fabulous reader(s) about the cranberry sauce that's the best part of Thanksgiving, except for the family being here and the turkey and the dressing...well, the cranberry sauce that's a really nice part of Thanksgiving."

So I photographed the six easy steps to the perfect cranberry sauce, the sauce that has sauced the holiday table of the House on the Corner for the past quarter century. I rinsed the four cups of cranberries (snap a picture), added water (snap), boiled until they popped (snap), etc., etc. through the sugar, raisins and walnuts.

Then I sat down to write this little chapter in the annals of the Best Day of the Year. I transferred the pictures to my laptop, opened the editing program and noticed something strange: The pan in the pictures was not the pan I used to cook the cranberries this year.

And that's when I remembered that whoops! I apparently have written exactly this same post before, because I have TWO sets of the exact same photos of cranberries topped with picturesque mounds of sugar, then bubbling merrily for 10 minutes, the same shots of my disembodied left hand tipping two cups of walnuts into the mix. Only the pans are different; even both left hands are eerily similar in their need of manicures.

Huh. I must really like this cranberry sauce. But I'm here to warn you--the Ocean Spray people may be pulling your leg when they say the antioxidants in cranberries are good for the memory.

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