Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Was Afraid Of

I went to Mexico with a very specific list of fears. (And this doesn't include the fear of ending a post title with a preposition--see how brave I've become?)

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the young'uns on the work projects, because I'm really, really old. 

I was afraid I would drown in my own sweat, because when I get warm, hooo boy. My face turns into a fountain as each individual pore opens and decants every single drop of fluid from my body. It is a truly spectacular display of waterworks.

I was afraid I'd be captured by banditos, because the publicity on Mexican border towns has been less than favorable lately what with all the shootings and kidnappings and drug cartels.

I was afraid of spiders. But of course, you already knew this because I have whined interminably here about my fear of spiders.

So let's check off these fears one by one and see how they played out.

Keeping up with the young'uns? I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar! Yes, I sang this phrase over and over as I ascended to the SECOND step of the ladder to finish painting the trim in the classroom where the self-appointed A-Team of Painting worked. It was completely endearing, I'm sure. I know, I know, the other team was using actual WTDs (Weapons of Tile Destruction) in their assigned task and that meant they were hoisting sledgehammers repeatedly over their heads. Pfft.

Drowning in my own sweat? I have an actual photograph of a pool of sweat which I inadvertently created on the cement floor as I stirred the big bucket of orange paint, but lifeguards were on duty and I did not drown.

Banditos? Children's Haven is located on a large compound that has excellent security and I never once felt I was in danger from human beings. However...

Spiders? Yikes. Want to see how close I was to the actual TARANTULA pictured above? This close:

Yes. Those are my feet, and the tarantula was just on the other side of that piece of concrete. Fortunately, Betsy had warned us that we were in their natural habitat and compared to a couple of the other critters whose natural habitat is northern Mexico (see also: rattlesnakes) that furry critter seemed downright friendly. He scurried away before I could do more than catch my breath to shriek.

So, to recap: I was afraid of a whole lot of things unnecessarily. In other words, it was a lot like my real life.

To Be Continued

This is not an official statement from Children's Haven International. If I've made mistakes in information, they're my own, and not those of CHI. However, I asked permission before writing any posts or publishing any pictures of their residents and activities. 

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  1. Crossing off Mexico as a place I'll visit one day. Never never never NO THANK YOU never.