Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to Normal

This is the first day in about a month that I've had to cast around for what to write. I've had adorable children and wedding tastings and oh-so-much food and cooling pillows and all sorts of things drifting in and out of my life, and it was an embarrassment of riches for blog post subjects.

And then....nothing.

So today I'm posting a picture of our new television room couch, which replaces the saggy old futon that for the past decade has given this room a distinct dorm-room-cast-off decorating vibe. We bought the new couch Saturday at ONE-QUARTER of its original price during Small Town's sidewalk sale. This purchase makes me inordinately happy, almost as happy as the pair of lamps we bought at the same sale for ONE-FIFTH of their original price and which may be my favorite piece of home decor ever.

The lamps are especially fun because I loved them but we didn't need them so I had started to walk on down the street. Then, when Husband asked where we would put them and I replied "Well, one of them would replace the lamp we got for $3, at an auction, 15 years ago," and it struck me that buying those lamps would probably be okay with the universe.

Especially when Husband went back to get them and the saleslady, without being asked, discounted the price even more.

What have you bought lately that you didn't really NEED but that pleases you immensely?

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  1. The beautiful, sparkly ring I picked out for my 15th wedding anniversary =)!! I still can't believe how happy it makes me every time I look at it!