Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Orts and Blurb

Well, hello there, Friday folks! Have you missed this little spot of the internet while I've been waxing rhapsodic over FOOD and  MEXICO? Well, I'm back with my reviews of what is working or not working for me this week. First up, as seen in the poorly lit photo above, is a segment I would call "Let Cooler Heads Prevail" if I were wittier.

As I've mentioned here six or eight (hundred) times, I am a chameleon of temperature. If it's warm outside, I turn into a sweat fountain. If it's cool outside, I'm a veritable block of ice. I'm pretty much resigned to this state of affairs (although it's still disconcerting for onlookers when my face projectile sweats at them without warning) except at night. I HATE being too warm at night, and in spite of multiple fans and Husband's late conversion to nighttime air conditioning ("NO! I DO NOT think it would be nice to open the windows!") I tend to be too warm at night.

So through the miracle of modern technology, this summer I'm experimenting with two different forms of personal chillage. The first is the Cooling Gel Bed Pillow (CGBP), seen above. I don't remember the brand, and after kicking it a couple dozen times on the bedroom floor, Husband insisted that I throw away the package it arrived in, but I bought it at Sam's for $25 or so.

Coincidentally (or desperately?) a few weeks before impulse-buying the CGBP, I had ordered a Chillow from As Seen on TV.

Yes, I did. A Chillow. And I'm not sorry. This, too, lowers the temperature of my head from waking-up-in-flames level to sleeping-through-the-night comfort. It's kind of bulky, and kind of heavy, and the fact that it's water-filled initially made me nervous about putting my fat head down on it for fear it would burst, but it has not burst, and now I sleep with it as the bottom layer, my CGBP the middle layer, and my head the top layer. This way if the CGBP warms up I pull the Chillow on top of it without even waking fully up.

People, especially my overly-warm lady friends, you need these products. Now at night I rest my face on my personal climate controls and literally say "ahhhhh!" So, so cool against my cheek.

This picture was taken at the drive-through and may explain why I'm having trouble losing those 10 pounds for the upcoming wedding. Did you know that you can now buy a Pork Chop 'N Gravy Biscuit at Hardee's?

No, I did not order this, but do we live in a great country or what?

Finally, the blurb.

Husband and I went to see The Heat because I like Sandra Bullock and I like Melissa McCarthy and I like buddy films and the reviews had been pretty good. The reviews did warn that the angel-faced McCarthy was the foul-mouthed half of the buddies, but hey, I've lived a long time and I've heard a good many f-bombs in my life.


I do not believe I've heard as many f-bombs in my entire life up to this point as I did during the 117 minutes of that movie. Whoa. Someone's mother obviously did not convince her of the truth that cussing is a symptom of a deficient vocabulary, as mine convinced me.

So my review would be this: I still like Bullock and McCarthy, but I'd have laughed a lot more and made the sequel a must-see if the writers had been just a smidgeon more inventive in their use of the Queen's English.

I laughed. I cringed.

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  1. I have never heard of the Chillow nor the CGPB and I MUST GO GET ONE OF EACH RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

    I just saw that movie last week and do agree with you. But... I don't think I've laughed that much in a very, very, very long time, so I forgave them.