Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crossing It Off

During church Sunday I made a list of all the things I want to do during my stay-at-home-vacation. (What? You don't make lists during church? You do know that lying is a sin, right?)

Look at how much fun I'm having! I am crossing things off left and right.

Clean out Boy#3's closet? Cross it off!

Clean refrigerator? Check! (And, whoa. Gross. I definitely need to take more days off to get things done around the house. Or maybe I need to give up Breaking Pointe and clean the refrigerator instead?)

Meals into freezer? Crossed off, because who am I? Rachael Ray? No, I am not.

Next up is lunch with a friend, a friend with whom I don't lunch nearly often enough. Then this afternoon I'll re-pot the philodendron, and work on the shawl that may be part of my Mother of the Groom attire and watch a couple more episodes of Homeland (I'm only two and a half seasons behind now)

Envy me. This is my life for three more days. 

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