Friday, February 8, 2013

Wake Me Up When...No, On Second Thought, Don't

This! This is how I feel about my Friday, except that I have an even better reason for being excited than Madeline does at the prospect of the train rolling down the tracks: In two short hours, a couple of burly gentlemen from the furniture store are going to deliver our new bed!


I may have mentioned that our old mattress, the one we bought a year after we got married (to replace the one Husband's mother bought for him, at a garage sale, when he was a teenager. Oh, we don't rush into these things) might not make it a full 30 years, given that I've taken to getting up every morning and whining about how poorly I slept. It has become Prairie Home Companion's Deep Valley Bed, the one in which couples may go to bed mad but they can't stay mad because the bed keeps rolling them toward the middle. (The PHC version is much funnier than that, but unfortunately those Lake Woebegone folks apparently are dynamite at protecting their content, because the lyrics are NOWHERE ON THE INTERNET and I'm going strictly off memory here.)

Anyway, we've been saving the egg money for quite some time, and now we're buying a mattress. And since we don't plan to buy another one before we toddle off to Friendly Acres and the retirement village-issued sleeping conditions, this has been a monumental decision. What size? What firmness?

What material, for crying out loud? Remember the good old days when mattresses were either...well, there was no either. There just was a mattress or not a mattress. (Waterbeds, obviously, were the second option.) Now you have pillowtops, and foam, and cool foam, and about eleventy-seven choices and NONE of them can be compared as apples to apples or oranges to oranges. It's all grapes to kumquats and pomegranates to tamarinds.

Again anyway, we finally have posed unnaturally on our backs on every single mattress in the Small Town stock of mattresses and have made a decision. Our decision will be delivered at 1 p.m. today. Right now our bedroom looks approximately like this:

At 1 p.m. it will look like this:

Or more accurately, like this:
Why, yes, it did take some intense pouting to convince Husband that a king-sized mattress would fit into our rather small bedroom. How could you tell?

I don't even care. Tonight I will sleep well.



  1. Favorite parts:

    - "Oh, we don't rush into these things."

    - "mattresses were either...well, there was no either."

    - "pomegranates to tamarinds"

  2. We bought a new mattress a couple of months ago after developing a Deep Valley Bed ourselves. We took a long driving vacation over the summer and had one night in the most lovely peaceful room in Wyoming on the best bed in the whole world. I was so calm and peaceful it didn't even occur to me to check the make/model. When we got home I emailed the hotel and they told me what they could. We ended up buying something similar. Oh my goodness! We love it so. I hope your new bed is equally fantastic.