Friday, February 1, 2013

Does Anybody Really Care?

This is borrowed from Pinterest and I would give credit to the originator but it has been pinned so many times its origins are lost. Thank you, whomever you are!

Sunday is the Super Bowl. Rah?

I cannot find words for how uninspired the thought of this event leaves me. Is there anyone in the world not named Harbaugh who is honestly excited by this football game? I'm not talking about the buffalo wings or the hummus and pita chips, I'm talking about the game.

Anyone at all?

If you do fall into that elite circle of excitement, please be aware that some of us (for whom football is mostly a diversion between the pre-game band and the halftime show) might be continuing our Sunday afternoon nap ritual uninterrupted. Phone calls during this time are the opposite of appreciated.

Unless you have leftover hummus and pita chips, and then I'm your girl.

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