Monday, February 25, 2013

Public Service Announcement

Quick! Small Town peeps, you have about four seconds to get out and vote before it starts snowing again and (assuming, as we always do, that the weather guys' hysteria is warranted) socks you into your house with the eight gallons of milk and twelve loaves of bread you compulsively threw into your cart while you were at the grocery store with EVERY OTHER PERSON in Small Town yesterday.

I, myself, was smugly sipping my coffee this morning, having made everyone at Small College deliriously happy last night by calling off school today. (Well, I didn't call it off, but I passed along that message from the folks who have the real power to do that.) That's when Husband said, "You know, there aren't any provisions in the law for making up an election that has been cancelled due to weather."


That put an end to the leisurely cup of coffee, both because I think it's my patriotic duty to vote and because I have some opinions on who could really run this town well (Hi, B!). In 15 minutes I had gotten to the courthouse, spelled my last name for the nice gals who haven't been paroled by the snow yet, and cast my vote.

You can still do your patriotic duty. The snow is just starting, and the nice gals don't care if you're wearing your grubby clothes and painting shoes. Or maybe they were just making an exception for me.

In any case, go vote. The soup, cinnamon rolls, and catching up on Storage Wars can wait. Also, you can figure out what to do with eight gallons of milk and twelve loaves of bread while you drive.

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