Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Piece of Advice, And an Observation

Boys, if you ever want to make a really, really romantic gesture that will inspire the woman to whom you are married to think you are a swell person, do this. Just before you go to the office, clean the frost off the windshield of the enormous vehicle your wife drives. Do this without letting her know you will be cleaning said frost, so that as she walks toward the enormous vehicle she is dreading the icy feeling she'll have on the back of her arms as she stretches as far as she can reach toward the center of the windshield to clear even a tiny  peephole. She's anticipating thinking some PG-rated words because she knows she'll have to clean the dirt off her front after she sprawls completely across the hood of the car because even though she is quite tall, the only woman tall enough to clean the center of such an enormous vehicle is Brittney Griner. When she (the wife, not Brittney) sees that the windshield has been scraped, she will think you are the swellest person on earth.

Also, since the temperature this afternoon is forecast in the mid-60s, she will think Kansas has weird weather.

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