Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness: A Dialog

(Husband and MomQueenBee are sitting side-by-side as they watch college basketball in high definition. They focus intently on the screen.)

Him: "Hey, did you see that Louisville lost?"

Her: "Was that the band?"

Him: "Yeah, I was surprised, too."

Her: "Back it up a little--I think they showed the band!"

Him: "This will really mess up a lot of people's brackets. Obama had them in his Final Four."

Her: "There he is! Oh, no, wait, that guy didn't have glasses. Could you back it up again?"

Him: "This really ought to be a pretty good game. We match up well."

Her: "Never mind, wrong band."

Both: "There he is!"

Him: "Let me go back again in slow motion."

Her: "He looks great! Doesn't he look great?"

Repeat, repeat, repeat throughout game.

Oh, it's fun to watch basketball with us.

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